Can you use the word Olympic?

Is the word Olympic copyrighted?

According to the statute, they have rights over the IOC’s famous 5 interlocking rings, the USOC’s own emblem, and the words “Olympic,” “Olympiad,” and “Citius Altius Fortius.” Not only does the USOC have statutory rights to these trademarks, but the USOC is empowered under the statute to enforce its trademark rights.

Can you say the word Olympics?

First of all, it’s fine for private individuals to use the word “Olympics” as a part of normal speech or written communication. A trademark only gives the owner the right to control certain commercial uses of that mark.

Can I use the word Olympic in my business name?

Use OLYMPIC in the name of your company (unless it is a local business on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, or the company has been using OLYMPIC in its business name since at least 1950).

Can I use the word Olympics in marketing?

You must not use words that incorporate the word “Olympic,” such as Mathlympics, Aqualympics, Chicagolympics, Radiolympics, etc. 4. You can’t use hashtags that include Olympics trademarks such as #TeamUSA or #Rio2016.

Why can’t we say Olympics?

Don’t mention “Olympics” or “Team USA.” Actually, it’s best not to type “Pyeongchang,” either. In fact, even “good luck” might get you into hot water. Why? Because of Rule 40, a bylaw in the Olympic Charter that restricts public references to Olympic competition solely to sponsors that have paid for it.

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Is the Olympic logo trademarked?

The IOC registers trademarks, in particular through the WIPO Madrid system, relating to its permanent properties (which are common to each edition of the Olympic Games), such as the Olympic symbol and the words “Olympic”, “Olympiad” and “Olympic Games”.

Can you use the word Olympics in advertising UK?

In the UK, the Olympic Symbol etc (Protection) Act 1995 provides special protection for various words, as well as the Olympic symbol and motto. As a result, the following, should not be used in advertising without permission: … The words: “Olympic”, “Olympian”, “Olympiad” (and anything similar, e.g. Olympix)