Did Michael Phelps break the record for swimming in the Olympics?

Has Michael Phelps world records been broken?

Michael Phelps’ Olympic Record Broken By Hungarian Swimmer Kristof Milak. This is Hungary’s first medal in the 200m butterfly, and Phelps set the previous Olympic record in 2008.

Does Michael Phelps still hold any records?

Michael Phelps, considered the best swimmer of all time, set 39 records during his historic career. Retired since 2016, he now holds only four world records and four individual Olympic records.

When did Michael Phelps break Olympic record?

An August 17, 2008, CBS news report highlights the new Olympic record set by Michael Phelps, who won eight gold medals in eight swimming events, breaking Mark Spitz’s standing 36-year record of seven gold medals.

Who is breaking Phelps records?

After breaking his world record two years ago at the World Championships, Caeleb Dressel snatched away another Michael Phelps record in the men’s 100 butterfly during the sixth day of prelims at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Omaha.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Fly.

2 3
Kristof Milak Matthew Temple
49.68 50.45
07/31 06/17

How did Michael Phelps get so good at swimming?

He trained on his birthday, and even Christmas Day. He learned to see setbacks as opportunities, and used trash talk from his competitors to fuel his drive to win. Structured goal-setting also helped Phelps become such a high achiever.

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Is Michael Phelps the greatest athlete of all time?

However, anyway you slice it, Phelps has to at the very least be put on a list of the greatest athletes of all time simply because he is both the greatest Olympic champion of all time and he won more gold medal than anyone in a single Olympiad.

Is Dressel or Phelps faster?

Only Dressel has been faster (twice), and that time ranks ahead of the best that Michael Phelps (49.81) or Milorad Cavic (49.95) ever recorded. No other swimmer has ever cracked the 50-second barrier. Dressel beat the Olympic record set just minutes earlier.