Did Michael Phelps compete in the 2000 Olympics?

What did Michael Phelps do in the 2000 Olympics?

Michael Phelps was only 15 when he made the American swimming Olympics team for Sydney 2000. He finished just fifth in the 200-metre butterfly final but he would win golds four years later.

What was the last year Michael Phelps competed in the Olympics?

Swimming fans have most likely seen the last of Phelps competing in the Olympics. He retired once after the 2012 Olympics, though he returned for the 2016 Rio Games. He made a triumphant return, capturing five gold medals — including in two individual events — and added a silver medal to his resume.

When did Michael Phelps stop competing?

After winning his final five gold and one silver medals in Rio 2016, Michael Phelps announced he was going to retire from swimming. His final Olympic race was the 4x100m medley relay, when he registered a 47.12 run, the fastest 100 free split of his career.

Does Michael Phelps still compete?

— It is hardly breaking news to announce that Michael Phelps is not at the 2021 U.S. Olympic swimming trials. He has been gone from his sport since the last Olympics, five years ago in Rio, when he won the final six of his 28 overall medals, ensuring his place in history as the most decorated Olympian of all time.

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Is Michael Phelps the greatest athlete of all time?

However, anyway you slice it, Phelps has to at the very least be put on a list of the greatest athletes of all time simply because he is both the greatest Olympic champion of all time and he won more gold medal than anyone in a single Olympiad.

Does Michael Phelps still hold world records?

Michael Phelps Olympic records

Now retired, he retains just four global records and four individual Olympic records. … As a result of his success in 2004, he shattered his own world record in the 400-meter individual medley with an impressive time of 4:08:41.

Is Phelps competing in 2021?

– July 19, 2021 – Michael Phelps, who has won more total Olympic medals (28) and gold medals (23) than anyone in history, will join the NBC Olympics team in Tokyo, it was announced today.

What Olympic medals did Michael Phelps win most?

Of his 28 medals, a whopping 23 were gold. No one else has ever won more than nine. Phelps broke the record when he won his second event, the 100m butterfly, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Phelps also owns the record for most gold medals won in a single Olympics: eight in Beijing.