Did Michelle Kwan win a gold medal in the Olympics?

Olympic and Paralympic medal winners

Why did Michelle Kwan stop trying to win a gold medal?

12 — Michelle Kwan, the face of United States figure skating for more than a decade and one of the best known female athletes in the world, announced in a tearful news conference today that she has withdrawn from her final Olympics after suffering a groin injury in a practice here.

In what year did Michelle Kwan win an Olympic silver medal?

Awards And Accomplishments

1991 Won gold medal, USFSA Southwest Pacific Junior Championship
1996, 1998, 2000-01 Won gold medal, ISU World Championship
1996, 1998-2000 Named U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year, Figure Skating
1997, 1999, 2002 Won silver medal, ISU World Championship

Did Michelle Kwan get replaced?

She’s a real loss to all of the United States Olympic Committee and to the United States of America and I think to the world, and she’s made a courageous decision.” Olympic officials approved 17-year-old Hughes as Kwan’s replacement a few hours later.

Did Tara Lipinski beat Michelle Kwan?

NAGANO, Feb. 20 — Tara Lipinski, a 15-year-old girl wearing ice skates, blue sequins and an infectious smile, became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in figure skating history tonight, using a joyful performance to score an upset of fellow U.S. skater Michelle Kwan.

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