Frequent question: Are the Olympic ratings down?

Is Olympic viewership declining?

NBC’s overall TV audience for the Tokyo Games is down an average of about 45 percent from the comparable Rio Games in 2016. Prime-time viewership — which consists of both live and delayed events — is down by 51 percent.

How bad are the Olympic TV ratings?

More Stories by Etan. NBC’s Tokyo Olympics primetime coverage pulled in an average 15.5 million viewers, down 40 percent from the average 26.7 million primetime viewers for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Why are Olympic ratings down?

The next Summer Olympics held in the United States will be in Los Angeles in 2028 when many popular events expected to be seen live in primetime. The biggest reason for the ratings drop-off however, was the emergence of streaming video over the past five years.

Did NBC lose money on Olympics?

In 2016, the ratings fell 9% and NBC still turned a $250 million profit from the games, a record. … And NBCUniversal has other metrics of success besides TV viewers. The Olympics are also on Peacock, its year-old streaming service.

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What is the least popular sport in the Olympics?

What is your least favorite Olympic event?

Characteristic Percentage of respondents
Equestrian 13%
Badminton 10%
Synchronized Swimming 8%
Canoeing 6%

Did anyone watch the Olympics?

Viewership for NBC’s coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics continued to fall as Thursday evening delivered both the lowest-rated and least-watched day. Per overnight numbers, NBC’s Thursday night coverage aired to 10.4 million viewers and earned a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demo.

Are Olympics over?

8, 2021. The Tokyo Olympics have officially come to an end. During closing ceremonies on Sunday night, IOC President Thomas Bach declared the Games closed. The next Summer Games will be held in Paris in 2024.

Why didn’t people watch the Olympics this year?

There was a year-long postponement, and a threat of cancellation loomed as Japan continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on how sports ratings suffered in the U.S. when teams played in empty arenas and stadiums during 2020, the lack of fans in the stands in Tokyo could not have helped.

How much does NBC make off the Olympics?

NBC paid $7.75bn for its Olympic rights … and we got televisual vomit. If there’s one message the Olympics unfailingly conveys, it’s that elite competition is all about making the right choices.

Did Atlanta Olympics make profit?

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games experienced the biggest net loss recorded at approximately US$2 billion.


Host City Atlanta Summer Olympics
Year 1996
Final Operating Budget US$1,800,000,000
Profit/Loss US$19,000,000
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What is the most watched event in the Olympics?

NBC Sports Digital’s Tokyo Olympics coverage delivered its 10 most-streamed primetime presentations in Olympics history. NBC Sports Digital’s Average Minute Audience of 477,000 viewers in primetime is the best ever for an Olympics.

Year 2019
Network NBC
Show Sunday Night Football
Avg. TV Viewers 20.0 million