Frequent question: Who was on the 1980 Olympic boxing team?

Who Was on the 1980 us Boxing Team?

The members of the 1980 team had mixed success as professionals. Murphy, Sandoval, Bumphus, Donald Curry and Joe Manley all won world titles as professionals. Beard and Taylor twice challenged for titles. Curry was by far the most successful: he was a two-division world champion and fought frequently on HBO.

Who was on the 1984 Olympic boxing team?

Medal summary

Event Gold Silver
Lightweight (–60 kg) Pernell Whitaker United States Luis Ortiz Puerto Rico
Light welterweight (–63 kg) Jerry Page United States Dhawee Umponmaha Thailand
Welterweight (–67 kg) Mark Breland United States An Young-Su South Korea
Light middleweight (–71 kg) Frank Tate United States Shawn O’Sullivan Canada

Who was on the 1976 Olympic boxing team?

America’s squad was made up of Louis Curtis, Leo Randolph, Charles Mooney, Davey Lee Armstrong, Howard Davis, Ray Leonard, Clint Jackson, Charles Walker Jr, Michael Spinks, Leon Spinks and John Tate.

Why was boxing removed from Olympics?

Boxing at the Tokyo Games was taken out of the control of the International Boxing Association two years ago after doubts about the integrity of bouts at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and IOC concerns about its presidential elections.

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Who won the 1980 Olympics boxing?


Event Gold Silver
Welterweight (67kg) Andrés Aldama Cuba John Mugabi Uganda
Light middleweight (71kg) Armando Martínez Cuba Aleksandr Koshkyn Soviet Union
Middleweight (75kg) José Gómez Mustelier Cuba Viktor Savchenko Soviet Union
Light heavyweight (81kg) Slobodan Kačar Yugoslavia Paweł Skrzecz Poland

What year was Mike Tyson in the Olympics?

Mike Tyson entered the combat sports circuit with a bang. Identified as a prodigy early on, his speed and agility were on display from the get go. While Olympic glory at the professional level eluded him, he managed to go all the way during the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympics.

Who was the youngest Olympic boxer?

The youngest ever Olympic Boxing Champion was US athlete Jackie Fields, who won gold in 1924 at the age of just 16.

Where was the 1976 Olympics held?