Frequent question: Why wasn’t Laurie Hernandez at Olympic trials?

Did Laurie Hernandez qualify for Olympic Trials?

Hernandez was left off the roster for the Olympic trials two weeks ago. She did not petition to be added and ended up doing commentary for the NBC broadcast. After her injury, Hernandez posted a thread on Twitter showing a bunch of the skills she was working on for trials.

Will Simone Biles retire?

Per the New York Times, it seemed likely that Biles will retire after Tokyo. She has hinted about coming back for the 2024 Paris Games, though just in the vault, to honor her French coaches, Cecile and Laurent Landi. But she is ready to retire; you can hear it in her voice.

Is Laurie Hernandez still competing?

WASHINGTON — While Laurie Hernandez hoped to be competing at this year’s Summer Games, the Olympic gold medal gymnast is instead in Tokyo working as a commentator for NBC. Hernandez had suffered an injury at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships that ultimately cost her a spot at the Olympic trials.

Did Simone Biles go to college?

Did Gabby Douglas go to college?

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