How did Australia win their first Winter Olympics?

How did Steven Bradbury win gold?

After all of his opponents fall during the final stretch, Bradbury skates over the finish line for speedskatnig gold at Salt Lake City 2002.

Which Australian athlete broke their neck and returned to win a gold medal?

TODD BALYM IN GLASGOW from News Corp Australia

Triple Olympic gold medallist Meares famously overcome a broken neck from a serious race fall in early 2008 that left her millimetres from paralysis to win a gutsy silver medal at the Beijing Games seven months later.

Who is Australia most successful Winter Olympian?

Overall Australia has won 15 Winter Olympic medals – 5 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze.


Medal Gold
Name Steven Bradbury
Games 2002 Salt Lake City
Sport Short track speed skating
Event Men’s 1,000 metres

When did Australia win their first gold medal?

Australia’s first ever Olympic swimming relay gold medal came in 1912 when Cecil Healy, Harold Hardwick and Les Boardman joined up with Malcolm Champion from New Zealand for an Australasian victory.

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