How do I top SOF Olympiad?

How do you get good marks in SOF Olympiad?

Here, we are providing some of the useful study tips which will help students prepare rightly for the Olympiad exams and score a meritorious position.

  1. Go through the syllabus. …
  2. Plan a proper study schedule and stick to it: …
  3. Grasp the detailed understanding of the concepts: …
  4. Prepare notes/quick facts for revision:

How do you top in Olympiads?

How To Prepare For Olympiad Exams

  1. – Participate in monthly Olympiads:
  2. – Start as early as possible:
  3. – Get to know the syllabus:
  4. – Plan each day:
  5. – Manage time for different subjects:
  6. – Refer to Olympiad workbooks:
  7. – Practice sample papers:
  8. – Practice, practice and practice:

How do I study for SOF Olympiad?

How To Prepare For NSO:

  1. Understand the pattern of NSO: You can visit the official website to learn the exam pattern for you corresponding class. …
  2. Understand the standard of questions: …
  3. Know the relevant books: …
  4. Practice sample papers: …
  5. Enrol in an Olympiad Helper:

Is SOF Olympiad easy?

The idea behind SOF Olympiads is to improve students’ logical reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. … Since millions of students of class 1-12 from nearly 50000+ schools across 48 countries participate in these Olympiads, the competition is very tough.

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How do you crack SOF?

If you remember the school books by heart it will be easy for you to study tougher questions for the Olympiad later.

  1. Color code important information for future references.
  2. Divide the subject into main topics that are similar or have a follow-up.
  3. Prepare brief notes for a revision later.
  4. Memorize important theorems.

Which app is best for Olympiad?

The Official SOF Olympiad Trainer app helps to prepare for IMO Olympiad, NSO Olympiad ,NCO Olympiad, IEO Olympiad, IGKO Olympiad & ISSO Olympiad. SOF Olympiad Trainer aims to help the young learners prepare for their SOF Olympiad exams in a much more interesting and interactive manner.

Are Olympiads hard?

Studying for tough Olympiads can be tiring, exhausting, and most of all, very boring. However, with precision, accuracy and a proper schedule, one can easily crack any test.

How do I prepare for class 1 Olympiad?

You should refer to some good Olympiad class 1 sample papers and let your child practice well with their help. Make them aware of OMR sheet: In exams like Olympiads, students need to fill OMR sheets for answering the questions. To fill these sheets correctly students must listen to the instructions carefully.

How can I get good rank in NSO?


  1. All students scoring 100% marks.
  2. For 5 to 9 students writing the exam/class – Gold Medal of Excellence to top rank holder in class.
  3. For 10 to 25 students writing the exam/class – Gold Medal of Excellence to top 3 rank holders in class.

Which Olympiad exam is best?

Top 15 Scholarship Exams Every Class 10 Student Should Write

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S.No Exam Medium Of Examination
1 National Talent Search Examination or NTSE Hindi and English
2 Indian National Olympiad (INO) English
3 National Science Olympiad English
4 Indian National Earth Science Olympiad English

How can I get full marks of NSO?

Below are a few tips and tricks which a student can follow to score good marks in the Olympiad exam:

  1. Understand NSO pattern. Students must visit the official NSO website or NSO Pattern 2020 to know the exam pattern for the corresponding class. …
  2. Practice Sample papers.