How many countries participated in 2004 Olympics?

Who competed in the 2004 Olympics?


Event Gold
200 metres Shawn Crawford United States 19.79
400 metres Jeremy Wariner United States 44.00
800 metres Yuriy Borzakovskiy Russia 1:44.45
1500 metres Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco 3:34.18

How many countries did participate in the Olympics?

Below is a list of all the 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) that are currently recognized by the International Olympic Committee, repesenting most countries and several terriortories from around the world.

How many medals did the 2004 Olympics have?

A total of 10,625 athletes from 201 countries represented by National Olympic Committees participated in these games, competing in 301 events in 28 sports.

2004 Summer Olympics medal table.

2004 Summer Olympics medals
Location Athens, Greece
Most gold medals United States (36)
Most total medals United States (101)

Who won Athens Olympics 2004?

Australia finished the Athens Games having won a total of 50 medals, including 17 gold, the most gold medals to date although this was equalled in Tokyo 2020.

Australia at the 2004 Summer Olympics
Competitors 470 in 35 sports
Flag bearers Colin Beashel (opening) Petria Thomas (closing)

Has Australia ever won the Olympics?

Australia has sent athletes to all editions of the modern Olympic Games. Australia has competed in every Summer Olympic Games, as well as every Winter Olympics except 1924–32 and 1948.

Medals by Summer Games.

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Games Total
Gold 164
Silver 173
Bronze 210

How did the 2004 Olympics affect Greece?

” Greek Olympic officials insist the scale of the country’s dire financial problems – and its staggering national debt of $382 billion – are is simply too big to be blamed on the 2004 Games budget. … That said, Athens also benefited from infrastructure development and the Greek public debt is $400 billion.

How many countries participated in first Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed, and the first Games were planned for 1896 in Athens, the capital of Greece. In Athens, 280 participants from 13 nations competed in 43 events, covering track-and-field, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, wrestling, weightlifting, fencing, shooting, and tennis.

How many countries participated in 2021 Olympics?

List of Participating Countries in Tokyo Olympics 2020-21. This is list of Countries Participating in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Here’s list of 206 NOCs nations and their Athletics at the 2021 Summer Olympics.