How many times has the Olympic Games been held in St Moritz?

Where was the 1944 Olympics held?

Who won the 1928 Olympics?

Medal count

Rank Nation Gold
1 United States 22
2 Germany 10
3 Finland 8
4 Sweden 7

Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?

Was there an Olympics in 1948?

London 1948 Olympic Games, athletic festival held in London that took place July 29–Aug. 14, 1948. The London Games were the 11th occurrence of the modern Olympic Games.

Was there an Olympics in 1944?

The 1944 Summer Olympics, which were to be officially known as the Games of the XIII Olympiad, were cancelled because of World War II.

What sport originated in the town of St. Moritz Switzerland?

Original sports

In 1928, frozen Lake St Moritz was used as a track for a skijoring race, in which skiers were pulled over the snow by teams of horses.

Did Switzerland ever host the Olympics?

Hosted Games

Switzerland has hosted the Games on two occasions, both in St. Moritz. The nation has never hosted the Summer Olympics.

How many times has the Olympics been in Europe?

The Games have primarily been hosted in the regions of Europe (32 editions) and the Americas (14 editions); seven Games have been hosted in Asia and two have been hosted in Oceania.

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