How much is the 2000 Olympic Torch worth today?

How much are Olympic torches?

Torch selling price and Olympic Games: 1980 Lake Placid: $38,250. 1976 Innsbruck: $25,124. 2020 Tokyo: $18,529.

How much is the 2002 Olympic Torch worth?

The piece is the torch that lights the larger fire torch that marks the beginning of the Olympic games. This torch is from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

2002 Olympic Torch from Salt Lake City- $15K APR Value w/ CoA!

Specifications of Items
Maker: Unknown
Title: 2002 Olympic Torch Salt Lake City
Approx. Qty. of Pieces: 1
Material: Metal

Can you buy the Olympic torch?

The torch will not be sold.

How much is a 2010 Olympic torch worth?

If you ran with a torch for the 2010 Games it’s still worth something Chark estimates the value at about $1,000. However, it’s more about the memories you collected than the stuff and memories are invaluable.

How many Olympic torches are made?

Summer Olympic torch designs

Games Host Numbers produced
2008 Beijing, China 26,440
2012 London, United Kingdom 8,750
2016 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 12,000
2020 Tokyo, Japan TBA
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