Question: What was Hitler’s superiority theory My greatest Olympic prize?

What was Hitler’s childish theory in my greatest Olympic prize?

Answer: Hitler’s master race theory was that the Germans belonged to a superior race and they were born to rule over others. Jesse dismissed the claim of Hitler as childish because he thought that Hitler was undoubtedly a dictator, but his casual remark of building the spirit of his athletes had been taken seriously.

What is considered as the greatest Olympic Prize Why?

Ans. In the finals of the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin, Luz broke his own past record. He also pushed Jesse Owens to perform better in order to beat that record. … Long’s friendship and being congratulated by him was of greater value to Owens than the gold medal, and hence, Owens refers to it as his greatest prize.

What was Luz Long’s opinion about Hitler’s superiority theory?

Ans. The German athlete Luz Long did not believe in Hitler’s Aryan supremacy theory though he had been schooled in the Nazi Youth movement.

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What was the tension about in my greatest Olympic prize?

Answer: This passage is taken from, “My Greatest Olympic Prize” written by Jesse Owens. … Jesse Owens feels that his friendship with Luz Long is greater than that of all the medals he has won. His friendship with his German rival and friend was worth more than anything and his greatest prize.

How does the story my greatest Olympic prize reflect the theme of true sportsmanship What lesson do we learn from the example of Luz Long the great German athlete?

Jesse Owens’ autobiographical writing ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ celebrates the themes of true friendship and true sportsmanship. … From that moment they became close friends. Luz Long even wanted Jesse to try his best to win the gold medal. He was happy to risk his own chance of victory to see his friend happy.

What was the greatest Olympic prize for Owens Luz Long was the perfect example of true sportsman justify?

Luz Long was one of his greatest athletes and was sure of winning the gold medal. He was hitting 26 feet almost all the time in practice and was sure of winning the medal. He gave Jesse Owens tips on how he could improve his jump and that helped him to win the gold medal.

What was Jesse determined to do?

Answer: Answer: Jesse Owens was determined to go out and hit the pitch to earn himself a gold medal and show the Der Fuhrer(Hitler) and his master race who is superior and who was not and prove him wrong.

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What is the significance of 24 carat friendship in the story?

When Jesse Owens says that he felt 24-carat friendship for Luz Long, he means that Long’s friendship was pure and true. When Luz was congratulating him after winning the gold in the board jump finals, it was not the fake smile with a broken heart, but a genuine one.

How did Luz Long respond to Jesse winning the gold?

Luz Long was genuinely happy when Owens won the gold medal in the board jump finals in Berlin Olympics 1936. He was the first man to congratulate Jesse when he landed from his final jump. Luz shook Jesse’s hand hard with a smile, that the author felt, was not the fake smile of a broken heart.