Quick Answer: Who opened the Olympic Games in 1996?

Who sang the national anthem in the 1996 Olympics opening ceremony?

R&B vocal group, Boyz II Men, performing the national anthem at the 1996 Olympics closing ceremony, Atlanta, Georgia, August 4, 1996. Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.)

How many people watched the 1996 Olympic ceremony?

The Olympic Games took place from July 19 through August 4. More than 2 million people visited Atlanta during the Games and nearly 3.5 billion people around the world watched on television. The opening ceremony on July 19, 1996, attracted a crowd of approximately 83,000 to Olympic Stadium.

Where was the 2000 Olympics held?

What happened at the 1996 Olympics?

The Centennial Olympic Park bombing was a domestic terrorist pipe bombing attack on Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 27, 1996, during the Summer Olympics. The blast directly killed one person and injured 111 others; another person later died of a heart attack.

Who boycotted the 1956 Olympics?

Switzerland boycotted the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia because of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Hungary. However, the equestrian events were held in Stockholm, Sweden earlier in the year because of the Australian quarantine laws. The Swiss team competed in Stockholm, winning a bronze medal.

Who closed the 1956 Olympics?

1956 Summer Olympics

Host city Melbourne, Victoria, Australia / Stockholm, Sweden
Closing 8 December
Opened by The Duke of Edinburgh
Cauldron Ron Clarke
Stadium Melbourne Cricket Ground
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