Was the Titanic bigger than the Olympic and Britannic?

Is Britannic the largest shipwreck?

Sister ship to the Titanic, Britannic is the world’s largest civilian shipwreck. … Sunk by a German mine in November 1916, the Britannic was the largest of the three Olympic class luxury liners built by the White Star Line at Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyards.

What was bigger the Olympic or Titanic?

Differences from Titanic

This was a major contributor to Titanic’s increased Gross register tonnage of 46,328 tons over Olympic’s 45,324 tons, which allowed Titanic to claim the title of largest ship in the world.

How long did the Britannic take to sink?

At 8.12am on 21st November 1916, while steaming in the Aegean Sea HMHS Britannic struck a mine and sadly sunk in only 55 minutes with the loss of 30 lives. In total, 1,035 people survived the sinking.

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