What do you understand by the Special Olympics in nine gold medals?

What do you understand by the Special Olympic?

Special Olympics is a global organization that changes lives by promoting understanding, acceptance and inclusion among people with and without intellectual disabilities. … Through year-round sports, health, education and community building, we change the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in 193 countries.

Is the poem Nine Gold Medals only about Special Olympics?

The poem “Nine Gold Medals” is not really about a special Olympic event but about the human compassion and cooperation and about the sportsmanship the eight athletes showed in that particular event when they stopped and came back to help the fallen runner stand on his feet and all went to the finishing line walking …

What lesson do you learn from the poem Nine Gold Medals?

This poem teaches us how encouraging a disappointed person may result in a win for everyone. Human compassion made the athletes forget the competition they had with each other. They picked up their weak companion and finished the race with him. Thus, they all ended up winning one gold medal each.

How does the story my greatest Olympic prize and the poem Nine Gold Medals bring out the theme of empathy and sportsmanship?

In the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet shows the true sportsman spirit and how it was rewarded in the end. … After this incident, all the nine runners were awarded with a gold medal for each as a recognition of their outstanding show of empathy and compassion. This was something that made the event really special.

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What message do we get at the end of the poem Nine Gold Medals?

The message conveyed by the poet here is that the world now needs more cooperation and collaboration than competition.