What does the Olympic wreath represent?

What did Apollo’s laurel wreath crown symbolize?

Over time, Apollo’s iconic crown symbolized victory, which is why it is used to crown geniuses, wise men, and heroes. It is also imprinted on shields and depicted in various other styles in architecture.

What is ironic about the wreath of laurel?

The irony lies in the simple fact that perhaps all great emperors and men evaded the true implicit, but potent, symbolism imbibed within the intricately constructed wreath– not that of glory, but the transience of glory. … It sat on the head as a reward for triumph.

What does a wreath crown symbolize?

Since antiquity, the circular or horseshoe shape of the wreath has been a symbol of glory, power, and eternity. … The ancient Greeks first introduced the crown as an honorary reward for victors in athletic, military, poetic, and musical contests.

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