What made the Special Olympics truly a special one nine gold medals?

What made the Special Olympics really a special one?

It is termed ‘Special Olympics’ because it is an event organised for people with disabilities. It is named ‘special’ because of the differently-abled status of its participants.

What event started 9 gold medals?

Explanation: According to the folks at the Special Olympics Washington office, the incident happened at a 1976 track-and-field event held in Spokane, Washington.

What is significant about the banner Nine Gold Medals?

In this poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet, David Roth has presented the idea of empathy and how human values are as important as the spirit of competition. The poem presents the situation of a race, where the contestants leave aside their desire to win the medal to help a smaller and weaker contestant.

Is the poem Nine Gold Medals only about Special Olympics?

The poem “Nine Gold Medals” is not really about a special Olympic event but about the human compassion and cooperation and about the sportsmanship the eight athletes showed in that particular event when they stopped and came back to help the fallen runner stand on his feet and all went to the finishing line walking …

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What is the Special Olympics Nine Gold Medals?

What is ‘Special Olympics’? … The Special Olympics referred to in David Roth’s poem’ Nine Gold Medals’ became special for a great display of human compassion and co-operation by eight differently-abled runners who stopped and came back to rescue one fellow athlete who fell down to the ground during a race.

What was the unexpected thing in 9 gold medals?

The pistol exploded signalling the start of the race. All the runners charged ahead along their respective tracks. But suddenly, there occurred an unexpected thing. The shortest athlete among them stumbled and staggered, and fell on his knees to the ground, the asphalt track.

Which race is referred in the poem Nine Gold Medals?

The event referred to here by the poet is 100 metre-race in a Special Olympics. This is the most important of all events. Due to this, a large number of people watch this event. The athletes described in the poem were participants who had been selected for the 100 metre-race.

What does the term Special Olympics mean?

Definition. Special Olympics is an international organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

Why does the poet say the banner Special Olympics?

Answer : The poet says that the banner, ‘Special Olympics’, could not have been nearer the mark because all the athletes had displayed the ‘special’ value of true sportsmanship by helping the injured athlete and walking together with him to the finish line.

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What does the term Special Olympics mean what kind of sports meet will it be?

Answer: Explanation: The ‘Special Olympics’ refers to the olympics of the handicapped people. It will be a meet where paralympics, handicapped people, play sports and win medals for the country they are representing.