What medals did Shawn Johnson won at the Olympics?

How many Olympic medals does Shawn Johnson have?

While competing in Beijing in 2008, Shawn Johnson won a total of four Olympic medals. Most notably, Johnson took home the gold for balance beam that year after completing a flawless routine (via Ames Tribune). After winning her gold medal, Johnson posed for the camera and happily showed off her new hardware.

How many Olympic medals did Shawn Johnson win 2008?

Shawn Johnson said she feels “very sad” looking back at “that kid that was on the Olympic podium.” The gymnast became a decorated Olympian at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she won four medals—including the gold medal on the balance beam—at just 16 years old.

What year did Shawn Johnson win the Olympics?

The 29-year-old gymnast — who won gold at the 2008 Olympics for balance beam, and silver for team, all-around and floor exercise — got candid about an eating disorder she developed at the time during her guest appearance on the Dinner Party with Jeremy Fall podcast this week.

How many times has Shawn Johnson been to the Olympics?

With 3 Olympic medals, 1 gold, 3 World Championships gold medals, and 7 Pan Am medals, Johnson is among the most accomplished gymnasts in US history.

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