What Olympic sports is Korea good at?

What Olympic sport is Korea best at?

South Korean athletes have won a total of 287 medals at the Summer Games, with the most gold medals won in archery, and 70 medals at the Winter Games, a majority in short track speed skating.

What sports does South Korea play in the Olympics?


Sport Men Total
Athletics 5 7
Badminton 3 10
Baseball 24 24
Basketball 12

Why are South Korean archer so good?

In summary, modern scientific training, a world-class sporting system, over 40 years of excellence, and presence in culture and tradition are the reasons why the nation of South Korea does so well in archery.

Does North Korea have an Olympic team?

North Korea’s no-show is the first time the nation will be absent from the Olympic Games since 1988 – when it boycotted the Seoul Games during the Cold War. In a statement, the International Olympics Committee said it had not received “an official application” for North Korea to skip the Tokyo Olympics.

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