What ping pong balls are used in the Olympics?

What is a 40+ ping pong ball?

The reason the balls are labelled with 40+ is that when the ITTF made the plastic balls legal for competition, they also allowed the balls to have a bigger size tolerance. So a celluloid ball tends to be around 39.6mm whereas the new plastic balls measure around 40.2mm, making the plastic balls about 0.5mm bigger.

What is the difference between orange and white ping pong balls?

Quick answer: what color ping pong balls shall I buy? Pick balls that contrast with your environment. If you play ping pong in a room with white walls or flooring, choose orange balls. If you play in darker areas, go for white ping pong balls.

Are pro Spin table tennis balls good?

Pro-Spin Sports table tennis balls are designed for consistent and accurate spin & bounce. They’re made from ABS plastic which is the most durable material on the market and much safer than old-school celluloid balls. They’re also more environmentally friendly!

What is the difference between ping pong balls and beer pong balls?

The truth is that there is no difference between the two. You play beer pong with ping pong balls, so even though some are sold as ‘beer pong ball’ the truth is that they are a normal set of table tennis balls.

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Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong balls?

There is no difference in terms of the ball whether it is outdoor or indoor table tennis.