When and where was the first Summer Paralympic Games held?

When and where did the first Paralympic Games take place a Rome 1960 B Mandeville 1976 C Albertville 1992 D Holland 1968?

The Games were held in Rome, Italy from September 18 to 25, 1960, with the 1960 Summer Olympics.

1960 Summer Paralympics.

Host city Rome, Italy
Nations 23
Athletes ~400
Events 57 in 8 sports
Opening 18 September

What is the history of Paralympic Games?

The Paralympics developed after Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized a sports competition for British World War II veterans with spinal cord injuries in England in 1948. A follow-up competition took place in 1952, with athletes from the Netherlands joining the British competitors.

When were the first Paralympics game held in the same venue as the Olympic Games?

Australia at the 1964 Tokyo Paralympics.

In which year Summer Paralympic Games will be held in Los Angeles?

The 2028 Summer Paralympics also known as the 18th Summer Paralympic Games, and commonly known as LA28 Paralympic Games, are an upcoming major international multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities governed by the International Paralympic Committee, to be held in Los Angeles, California, United States …

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