Which Roman emperor thought the Olympic Games were a pagan festival and banned?

Which Roman emperor stopped the pagan rituals of the ancient Olympic Games?

In AD 394, Emperor Theodosius of Rome officially abolished the Games. He was a Christian, and wanted to put an end to pagan festivals.

Who were banned in ancient Olympic?

Decline and Revival of the Olympic Tradition

In A.D. 393, Emperor Theodosius I, a Christian, called for a ban on all “pagan” festivals, ending the ancient Olympic tradition after nearly 12 centuries.

Why were the games eventually banned by the Roman emperor theod 394?

In 394 AD, Emperor Theodosius outlawed the Olympic Games to help the Empire suppress pagan religions. The Games had lasted for twelve centuries.

Who abolished the Olympic Games and why?

One was primarily competition, the other entertainment. The Olympic Games were finally abolished about 400 ce by the Roman emperor Theodosius I or his son because of the festival’s pagan associations.

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