Who is the speaker in my greatest Olympic prize?

Who is the narrator of the story my greatest Olympic prize?

In My greatest Olympic prize the narrator Jesse Jones gives a first account of his experience at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936. The author uses simple and straightforward language to describe his friendship with a German athlete.

What made the speaker bitter in my greatest Olympic prize?

Ans. On the first of his 3- qualifying jumps, he leapt from several inches beyond the take-off board for a foul. On the second jump, he fouled even worse. This underperformance at the event made the speaker bitter.

Who is the speaker of the above lines and what was the speaker preoccupied with?

i) The speaker of above lines is Jesse Owens. Feeling of hatred and anger for german athlete occupied Owens’ mind due to which he did not performed well. He thought that if Luz Long won than it would add some new support to Aryan-Superiority theory. So he became angry as he wanted to prove Hitler wrong.

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What made the speaker of the extract bitter Why was he making fouls?

Answer: Despite knowing that anger spoils the spirit of an athlete, forcing him to make mistakes, he was angered at Hitler’s sly introduction of Luz Long to prove Aryan superiority. … Anger ruled his mind and made him foul in the first two attempts in the trials.

What was Jesse determined to do?

Answer: Answer: Jesse Owens was determined to go out and hit the pitch to earn himself a gold medal and show the Der Fuhrer(Hitler) and his master race who is superior and who was not and prove him wrong.

Why was Jesse angry at Hitler’s way?

Why was Jesse angry at Hitler’s ways? … He was determined to go out there and show Der Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler) and his master race who was superior and who wasn’t. He wanted to break the Nazis’ superiority theory.

Which event was the speaker focusing on why what was the surprise that awaited him?

Explanation: In Berlin , a great surprise was waiting for Jesse Owens . He saw a German athlete , Luz long , who was to take part in long jump event . he could hit 26 feet on his practice jump .

Why was Owens the truth that hit Owens?

Answer: Luz Long advised Jesse Owens to draw a line a few inches at the back of the take off board and jump from there. … The effect of the truth was that he qualified for the final jumps by drawing a line a full foot at the back of the board and proceeded to jump from there.

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Who is the speaker of the above lines?

Vikram SethThe speaker of the above lines is Vikram Seth. The extract is taken from ‘The Frog and the Nightingale’.

Why was the speaker going over on the boat?

Explanation: The speaker was determined to go on broad jump track. He intended to take home one or two gold medals in the event of the broad jump, as he wants to break the myth of Aryan Superiority, that their participants belong to “master race”.

How does the story my greatest Olympic prize reflect the theme of true friendship?

Jesse Owens’ autobiographical writing ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’ celebrates the themes of true friendship and true sportsmanship. It is an account of his friendship with Luz Long, his German rival in the board jump event in Berlin Olympics 1936. … He was happy to risk his own chance of victory to see his friend happy.