Who took part in the ancient Olympic Games?

Who participated in the first Olympic Games?

The first celebration of the modern Olympic Games took place in its ancient birthplace – Greece. The Games attracted athletes from 14 nations, with the largest delegations coming from Greece, Germany, France and Great Britain.

How many people watched and took part in the ancient Olympic Games?

An Olympiad was not only the name of the event itself but also of the period between games. During a three-month pan-Hellenic truce, athletes and as many as 40,000 spectators came from all over Greece to participate in the Games at Olympia.

How many nations participated in the first modern Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was formed, and the first Games were planned for 1896 in Athens, the capital of Greece. In Athens, 280 participants from 13 nations competed in 43 events, covering track-and-field, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, wrestling, weightlifting, fencing, shooting, and tennis.

Who were the spectators of the ancient Greek Olympics?

The games attracted a mass of spectators, who came to enjoy the atmosphere of the feast, to applaud their favourite athletes or to support the underdogs. The stadion of Olympia could contain about 45,000 spectators and that in Nemea about 40,000. These were all men, for female spectators were not allowed.

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