Who was the featured performer as part of the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies in SLC?

Who performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics?

‘N Sync, Barenaked Ladies, Foo Fighters, and Brooks & Dunn are among the 16 acts that will headline the Hallmark Olympic Celebration Series of concerts during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt.

Where was the 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremony?

What was the 2002 Olympics venue?

How many volunteers helped run the 2002 Olympics?

About 30,000 volunteers helped stage the Winter Games.

Where was the Winter Olympics 2018?

Who won the gold medal in the men’s Alpine downhill ski event in the 2002 Winter Olympics and what country was he from?

Pre-race favorite Stephan Eberharter of Austria took the bronze medal, bested by compatriot Fritz Strobl and all-arounder Lasse Kjus of Norway. Strobl’s average speed was 64.538 mph (103.864 km/h), at an average vertical descent of 29.224 ft/s (8.907 m/s).

Alpine skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics – Men’s downhill.

Men’s Downhill
Base elevation 1,948 m (6,391 ft)
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