Who was the first woman to win 3 gold medals in single Olympics when?

Who won 3 gold medals in a single day?

List of most gold medals won at a single Olympic Games

Rank Athlete Year
1 Michael Phelps 2008
2 Mark Spitz 1972
3 Michael Phelps 2004
4 Kristin Otto 1988

Who is the first female athlete to win medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games?

Clara Hughes is the first person to win multiple medals in both Summer and Winter Games and holds the highest number of medals of any olympian to win medals in both the Summer and Winter Games. Nine athletes have won at least five Olympic medals without being Olympic champions.

Who was the first woman in Olympics?

Nilima Ghose: The teenager who helped Indian women get off the blocks in Olympics. Nilima Ghose was only 17 when she became the first Indian woman to compete at an Olympic Games. She participated in the 100m sprint and 80m hurdles at Helsinki 1952.

Who was the first person to win a gold medal in the Olympics?

In 1952, Josy Barthel won Luxembourg’s first ever official Olympic gold medal in a sporting event when he narrowly won the men’s 1500 meters. New ealander Victor Lindberg was part of the Osborne Swimming Club representing Great Britain which won gold in water polo in 1900.

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