Who were the three medalists in the 1968 Olympic 200m final?

Who medaled in the 1968 Summer Olympics?


Games Gold Silver
200 metres Tommie Smith United States Peter Norman Australia
400 metres Lee Evans United States Larry James United States
800 metres Ralph Doubell Australia Wilson Kiprugut Kenya
1500 metres Kipchoge Keino Kenya Jim Ryun United States

Who was on the podium with Jesse Owens?

Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, and Tinus Osendarp on the podium for the 100 meter dash at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

How many people were at the 1968 Olympics?

The 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City were the most politically charged Olympics since the 1936 Games… The Games were attended by 112 countries represented by almost 5,500 athletes. East and West Germany competed for the first time as separate countries.

Did any countries boycott the 1968 Olympics?

In South Africa each of the Asian, White, African, and Colored team groups completed separate trials before the mixed-race team was chosen. … Many nations then mobilized to boycott the Summer Olympics of 1968 to make clear their disapproval of South African apartheid practices.

What is the national record of 200m in India?


Event Record Athlete
Track Events
100 m 10.21 (+2.0 m/s) Anil Kumar Prakash
10.26 (+1.9 m/s) Sanjeet Singh
200 m 20.63 (+1.5 m/s) Muhammed Anas
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