Who won the 2008 Women’s Soccer Olympics?

Did the US win the 2008 Olympics?

The U.S. did not win the most gold medals for the first time in a Summer Games since 1992, with China being the country that won the most golds (48–36).

United States at the 2008 Summer Olympics
IOC code USA
NOC United States Olympic Committee
in Beijing
Competitors 588 (306 men and 282 women) in 32 sports

What happened at the 2008 Olympics?

On 10 April 2008, China announced that it had foiled a plot against the games by Uyghur separatists in Xinjiang. According to the Chinese security ministry, separatists planned suicide bomb attacks on Chinese cities and kidnappings in Beijing to disrupt the Olympic Games.

Who won 2000 Olympics?

The United States won the most medals overall with 93, as well as the most gold (37) medals. Host nation Australia finished the Games with 58 medals overall (16 gold, 25 silver, and 17 bronze).

Medal table.

Nation China (CHN)
Gold 28
Silver 16
Bronze 14
Total 58
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