You asked: How many countries participate in figure skating Olympics?

How many countries do figure skating?

To wrap it up, figure skating, which consists of speed skating, ice dancing, and single and pair skating, is a popular sport in the Winter Olympics, with 30 countries represented in 2014.

What countries participate in figure skating?


Country ISU member Governing body
Brazil Yes Brazilian Ice Sports Federation
Canada Yes Skate Canada
Chile Yes Federación Deportiva Nacional de Patinaje Sobre Hielo
Mexico Yes Federacion Mexicana de Deportes Invernales

What country dominates figure skating?

Total medal count by nation

Rank Nation Gold
1 United States 26
2 Austria 22
3 Sweden 15
4 Canada 14

Who is the world’s best figure skater?

Best total scores

Rank Name Event
1 Nathan Chen 2019–20 Grand Prix Final
2 Yuzuru Hanyu 2019 Skate Canada
3 Vincent Zhou 2019 World Team Trophy
4 Yuma Kagiyama 2021 World Championships

How popular is figure skating in Japan?

A survey found that Japanese people’s favorite athlete was Hanyū Yuzuru (figure skating), chosen by 7.8% of respondents, followed by Suzuki Ichirō (baseball) at 7.5%, Ohtani Shōhei (baseball) at 5.1%, Ōsaka Naomi (tennis) at 4.9%, and Asada Mao (figure skating) at 4.2%. Ōsaka appeared in the top 20 for the first time.

How many figure skaters are there?

According to Wikipedia, it seems that there are 153 figure skaters overall, from 32 different countries. That’s a lot of figure skating, and we can’t wait to watch every single competition.

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What country is best at luge?

Men’s singles

Rank Nation Gold
1 West Germany 5
2 East Germany 4
3 Italy 3
4 Austria 2

Is figure skating popular in Russia?

Figure skating is a sport to whose development Russia can rightfully be proud of its contribution. … Success in the men’s singles figure skating came to the post-Soviet era. The whole country knows and loves skaters Alexei Yagudin and Evgeni Plushenko – repeat world and European champions, who also banked Olympic gold.