Your question: How many winners are awarded during Paralympics?

How many winners were awarded during Paralympics?

India’s first medal in Paralympics came in 1972 Games, with Murlikant Petkar winning a gold medal in swimming. India’s best finish yet has been in the 2020 Games, at 24th place with a medal haul of 19 medals (5 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze).

Medals by Summer Games.

Games 2004 Athens
Athletes 12
Gold 1
Bronze 1

How many Paralympic medals are there?

Rio 2016 Paralympics Medal Table

Great Britain 64 44
Ukraine 41 39
United States 40 31
Australia 22 29

Who all won medals for India in Paralympics?

India’s Tokyo Paralympics medals

Name Sport Medal
Bhavina Patel Table Tennis SILVER
Harvinder Singh Archery BRONZE
Sharad Kumar Athletics BRONZE
Sundar Singh Gurjar Athletics BRONZE
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