Your question: What are the shortcomings for the poor position in Olympics?

What are the shortcoming for the poor position in Olympic?

Poor infrastructure and governance are playing their own role in this. Lack of facilities at grass root level is another problem. If an athlete belongs to a village then there is no way to practice and move forward. Poor transportation and many such hurdles break the enthusiasm of players.

What are the reasons of bad performance by India in sports give suggestions to remove them?

Shravan Nune

  • Reasons behind underdevelopment of sports in India are –
  • Corruption & Mismanagement of sports authorities: Corruption has become synonymous with sports administration in India. …
  • Social and economic inequalities: Social and economic inequalities have a negative impact on the Indian sport.

What was the result of Olympics passage?

A total of 974 medals were won by 87. countries, 54 countries won at least one Gold. … medal tally of all times for that country with 121 medals.

How can India stand at the strong position in Olympics passage?

India should instead look for simple lessons, develop a strategy to win medals and execute it delightly. likewise, India can stand at strong position in Olympics. … The top 22 those witha double – digit medals tally with a minimum of three gold medals took home a total of 702 medals or 72% of all medals.

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Why does India lack in Olympics?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, keen to raise India’s global profile, has decided that it does. After India’s substandard performance at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro — one silver and one bronze — the government began funneling money to a sports bureaucracy that was underfunded for decades and stained by corruption.

What is the reason of India’s poor performance in Olympics?

It is witnessed that absence of social mobility and inadequate infrastructure are also the causes for India’s consistently weak performance in Olympics. Existence of discrimination and biased opinion while selecting the sportsperson for Olympics also led to poor performance of the Indian team.

Why is the Olympics not held in India?

Poor quality of infrastructure facilities and equipment, fear of terrorism after the Jama Masjid attack, the dengue fever spread, and doping controversies. The Commonwealth Games of 2010 was not at all what people expected.

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