Your question: What sports are in the Winter Olympic Games?

What are 6 Winter Olympic sports?

List of Winter Olympic Sports

  • Alpine Skiing.
  • Biathlon.
  • Bobsleigh.
  • Cross Country Skiing.
  • Curling.
  • Figure Skating.
  • Freestyle Skiing.
  • Ice Hockey.

Is gymnastics a winter sport?

Gymnastics is in the summer Olympics.

Is basketball a winter Olympic sport?

The Summer and Winter Olympic Games organized by the International Olympic Committee occur every four years.

Sports in the Summer Olympics.

Sport Years
Athletics All
Badminton Since 1992
Baseball 1992–2008
Basketball Since 1936

Is soccer a winter sport?

Soccer tends to be a winter sport with registrations occurring around the end of summer and start of autumn.

What are the most popular snow sports?

In the United States, skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular winter sports. In 2017, the number of skiers in the United States amounted to around 14.94 million and the number of snowboarders in that year was at about 7.56 million.

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