Best answer: How many questions are there in SOF Olympiad?

How many questions are there in SOF?

6. International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Section No. of Questions Total Marks
Current Affairs 10 10
Life Skills 5 5
Achievers Section 5 15
Grand Total 50 60

How many subjects are there in SOF Olympiad?

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11th to 12th Physics & Chemistry 25
Achievers Section 5
Mathematics/Biology 20
Grand Total 50

Are SOF Olympiads tough?

The idea behind SOF Olympiads is to improve students’ logical reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. … Since millions of students of class 1-12 from nearly 50000+ schools across 48 countries participate in these Olympiads, the competition is very tough.

What is the passing marks of Olympiad?


Class topper from each participating school where at least 10 students from a class appear in the exam & scores 50% qualifying marks.

How do I prepare for NCO?

Be it fundamentals of computers, hardware, verbal and non-verbal reasoning or evolution of computers; practice is the key to success in NCO. We all know scoring a rank in Olympiads is no cakewalk. But with the right method and by devoting a significant amount of time you can ace your Olympiad preparation.

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Are calculators allowed in Olympiad?

The calculator models listed in the “Allowed” category below will be permitted to be used for INO examinations (including INJSO), and those in the “Disallowed” category will NOT be permitted.

Guidelines for use of Calculators.

Allowed Calculators Disallowed Calculators (partial list)
TI- 30 eco RS/Xa Sharp EL-520 X/W
TI -36X II TI-30XS Multiview

Is Imo marking negative?

The examination paper has three sections consisting of total 50 questions. … Each question carries one mark. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. The questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) type and the answers are to be written in an OMR sheet.

Is Imo allowed in calculator?

5.4 The only instruments permitted in the Contest are writing and drawing instruments, such as rulers and compasses. In particular, books, papers, tables, calculators, protractors, computers and communication devices are not allowed into the examination room.

How do you crack SOF?

If you remember the school books by heart it will be easy for you to study tougher questions for the Olympiad later.

  1. Color code important information for future references.
  2. Divide the subject into main topics that are similar or have a follow-up.
  3. Prepare brief notes for a revision later.
  4. Memorize important theorems.

Is Olympiad math useful?

To summarize, Math Olympiad help students to enhance their arithmetic and logical skills and at the same time it gives them a sense of competition. … Math Olympiad helps a student to do a comparative analysis of their performance at school, national and international level.

Is there level 2 for NSO?

The syllabus of NSO Level 2 Olympiads is exactly same as NSO Level 1 olympiads. The difficulty level of NSO Level 2 Olympiads is higher than NSO Level 1 olympiads. … NSO Level 2 Olympiads are tougher and comprehensive, but with regular practice and discipline, it is not difficult to get a good rank.

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