Best answer: How much did the 2002 Winter Olympics cost?

How much money did the 2002 Winter Olympics make?

The 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City generated a whopping $56-million overall surplus, organizers will announce today, testament to first-rate organizational and logistical plans and a vivid reminder of the financial possibilities inherent in staging the Games in the United States.

Did the 2002 Olympic Games make a profit or lose money?

Official state estimates of the economic impact showed the Salt Lake Olympics yielded $100 million in profits, $4.8 billion in sales, 35,000 job years of employment and $1.5 billion in earnings for Utah workers during 2002. … Utah has seen a 42 percent increase in skier visits since the Games.

How much did the Salt Lake City Olympics cost?

The 2002 Olympics cost Utah $2.5 billion.

How much money did Utah make from the Winter Olympics?

The State of Utah calculated that preparing and hosting the Olympic Winter Games 2002 produced $5 billion in additional net economic output.

How much did the 1988 Olympics cost?

At approximately C$829 million, the Calgary Games were one of the most expensive Olympics ever held at the time.

1988 Winter Olympics.

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Emblem of the 1988 Winter Olympics
Host city Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Athletes 1,423 (1,122 men, 301 women)
Events 46 in 6 sports (10 disciplines)
Opening February 13

Did Salt Lake Olympics make a profit?

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games experienced the biggest net loss recorded at approximately US$2 billion.


Host City Salt Lake City Winter Olympics
Year 2002
Total Costs US$1,200,000,000
Profit/Loss US$101,000,000

Will Salt Lake City host Olympics again?

The bid to bring the Winter Olympics back to Utah is gathering pace. Susanne Lyons, chair of the U.S.Olympic and Paralympic Committee, recently said they’re “poised and ready” to talk to the International Olympic Committee about Salt Lake City’s bid to host the games in 2030.

Which continent has never been Organised in the Olympics?

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) — Other than Antarctica, only one continent on the planet has never hosted an Olympic Games: Africa. Finally, though, that could be about to change. But there’ll be a step to take before that happens: hosting the much smaller Youth Olympic Games in 2022.