Best answer: Is there a shuttle at Olympic National Park?

Can you get around Olympic National Park without a car?

You cannot get anywhere in Olympic National Park without a car. This trip is impossible unless you and your friends rent a car.

How long does it take to drive all the way around Olympic National Park?

On this road trip you can enjoy lake life, hiking trails, and forest views. This driving itinerary could be done in as little as three days or you could linger a little longer.

Do I need an SUV for Olympic National Park?

Most of the roads in the area are fine for a regular road car this time of year. 4WD or just SUVs with all-wheel drive are advisable from November-April in the mountain passes.

Can you drive thru Olympic National Park?

A 454-mile drive through Olympic National Park.

Are there roads through Olympic National Park?

The Roads of Olympic

Olympic National Park is a huge, mostly untouched wilderness. While US-101 loops around the park (and through it in the Lake Crescent and Kalaloch areas), only a few spur roads head into the park. Even these roads only provide access to the relatively small developed areas of the park.

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