Do Olympic volunteers get paid?

What do you get for volunteering at the Olympics?

Olympic volunteers typically pay their own lodging and transportation to the host city. They get meals on the days they work, some training and uniforms to treasure. In Tokyo, they will get up to 1,000 yen daily (about $9) to get to work on the city’s vast train system. Tokyo organizers also provide some insurance.

Can you volunteer to work at the Olympics?

Anyone can be a volunteer at the Olympic Games. Each organising committee generally launches a programme around two years before the event. In Rio in August 2016, they were from 56 different countries.

What does it mean to volunteer at the Olympics?

Games volunteers will provide support in areas such as spectator services, competition operation and media operation. They will be assigned to various locations including competition venues where a range of sports are staged; the Athletes’ Village where the athletes will be based; and other Games-related facilities.

Can you work for Olympics?

Jobs or volunteer opportunities in organising committees

Join the Games as a staff member ahead of and during the Games or as a volunteer! Find out here about the opportunities related to the upcoming editions of the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games.

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How can I volunteer for 2024 Olympics?

Anyone wishing to apply to be a volunteer will be able to apply via a special platform that will open in February 2023. Applicants must be 18 years or over in 2024 and be able to speak either English or French.

How do you get into Tokyo Olympics?

Tips for acing the Olympics volunteer application process

  1. Master the application form. …
  2. Ace the group interview. …
  3. Demonstrate your enthusiasm. …
  4. Time your application for maximum chances of selection.

How do I volunteer for the LA Olympics?

For anyone interested in volunteering or finding out more about the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games, please visit and sign up for updates and information.

How many volunteers are in the Olympics?

Waiting for Tokyo: How 110,000 Olympic volunteers put their lives on hold. TOKYO – More than 110,000 Olympic volunteers had their dream summer all mapped out for 2020.