Frequent question: What happened to Tonya Harding 1994 Olympics?

What did Tonya do to Nancy?

According to New York Times, Tonya’s ex-husband planned an attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan in January 1994. She was hit by a baton on her right leg so she couldn’t participate in the Olympics and Tonya could get selected.

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Was Tonya Harding’s mom mean?

Harding had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, alleging both physical and verbal abuse.

What is the story behind Tonya?

It follows the life of figure skater Tonya Harding and her connection to the 1994 attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan. The film states that it is based on “contradictory” and “true” interviews with Harding and her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, suggesting they are unreliable narrators.

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