Frequent question: Where is the next Winter Olympics 2026?

Where are the 2026 Winter Olympic Games?

2026 Winter Olympics: Milan Cortina

6 through Feb. 22, 2026, will mark the fourth Olympic Games hosted in Italy, and first for Milan. The first was the 1956 Winter Games (Cortina d’Ampezzo), followed by the 1960 Summer Games (Rome) and 2006 Winter Games (Turin).

Where is the Olympics in 2030?

The 2030 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXVI Olympic Winter Games, is an upcoming international multi-sport event.

Bid details.

Bid Party Vancouver
Country Canada
National Olympic Committee Canadian Olympic Committee (COC)
Bid Committee Website

Where are the 2022 Winter Games being held?

Beijing 2022: China readies for Winter Olympics as pressure grows. For the first time since the original coronavirus outbreak closed China’s borders, the country is preparing to allow foreigners to enter again in large numbers for the winter Olympics next February.

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