How do I get tickets to the Beijing Winter Olympics?

How do you get tickets to the 2022 Olympics?

Tickets for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are not on sale yet, but when they are, you should buy them online or on arrival for the less popular events. Online, you should be able to buy tickets through the official 2022 Winter Olympics website or Alibaba’s Damai, which only has a Chinese version.

Will fans be allowed at the Winter Olympics?

On Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave an update on the upcoming Winter Games, including their policy for fans. In their release, the IOC stated that only people in China will be able to attend the games. … There will also be COVID-19 testing in place at the Games.

How much is a ticket to the Winter Olympics?

How much are Winter Olympics tickets? Winter Olympics tickets will vary from event to event. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Winter Olympic Games will start at prices over $130, with premium tickets to those events costing over $1,000.

How do you get tickets to the 2024 Olympics?

Experience The Games – Event Tickets

So we recommend you bookmark and subscribe to the 2024 Paris Summer Games official site at There you’ll be able to keep up to date for official ticket release dates.

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Where is the 2022 Winter Olympics?

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in China across three zones: Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou. The ice sports will be held in central Beijing, China’s capital, as well as four snow events (snowboard big air and freestyle skiing big air, men’s and women’s).

Will China host the Olympics again?

For the first time since the original coronavirus outbreak closed China’s borders, the country is preparing to allow foreigners to enter again in large numbers for the winter Olympics next February.

Is Yuzuru Hanyu going to the 2022 Olympics?

China’s embassy in Japan and government spokesperson Hua Chunying have promised that there will be support for Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu at next year’s Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, after the skater’s fans called on Chinese fans to support him as foreign fans are banned.