How do you light the Olympic torch?

How is the Olympic torch lit each time?

The flame is lit according to the ancient method of the sun’s rays in the parabolic mirror. The Olympic flame can only be lit in this way. The flame is placed in an urn and transported into the ancient stadium where it is given to the first runner by the high priestess responsible for this operation.

What does the lighting of the torch symbolize?

According to legend, the Olympic flame that burns today is the same fire that has been burning since the the first ancient Olympics. According to the IOC, the flame today symbolizes “the light of spirit, knowledge and life,” and signifies the passing of Olympic traditions from one generation to the next.

Who will light the Olympic cauldron 2021?

Naomi Osaka lights Olympic cauldron at 2021 opening ceremony | Sporting News Australia.

Where is Olympic torch now?

After the postponement of the Summer Olympics to 2021, the torch display remained in Fukushima for at least a month before subsequently moved to Tokyo. The Olympic Flame would be later placed on display at Japan Olympic Museum from 1 September 2020 until 30 November 2020.

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