How is the Olympic torch lit each time?

How do they decide who lights the Olympic torch?

The final torchbearer, who lights the Olympic cauldron during the Opening Ceremony, is typically a famous athlete, or athletes, from the host country. But it isn’t always someone who is well-known or even an Olympian for that matter.

How was the first Olympic torch lit?

For the first time, a man and a woman ran the flame into the Olympic Stadium together, and lit the cauldron (they later married). Over 1,200 torchbearers were used to transport the flame from Olympia to Montreal. Olive oil was used as fuel for the torches, honoring the origin of the Olympic fire.

Do Olympic torch bearers get to keep the torch?

A person with an impairment is welcome to apply. However, we request all torchbearers to safely carry the torch at their own will.

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