How many gold medals did Canada win in 2010 Olympics?

Who won the 2010 Olympic Games?

With 14, Canada broke the record for the most gold medals won at a single Winter Olympics, which was 13, set by the Soviet Union in 1976 and Norway in 2002.

2010 Winter Olympics.

The 2010 Winter Olympics logo, named Ilanaaq the Inukshuk
Host city Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Events 86 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Opening February 12

Which country won the maximum number of medals in 2010?

Medal table

Rank CGA Total
1 Australia (AUS) 177
2 India (IND)* 101
3 England (ENG) 142
4 Canada (CAN) 75

Which country won the most medals in 21st Winter Olympics?

Sort it by country and you can see that Great Britain have won 21 medals since 1924 (which equates to 76 medallists).

Top winter Olympic medallists prior to 2010.

Country USA
Gold 156
Silver 245
Bronze 143
Total 544
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