How many medals did Canada win in 2002 Winter Olympics?

How many gold medals were there in the 2002 Winter Olympics?

The Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games saw the expansion of the Olympic program to 78 events, including the return of skeleton and the introduction of women’s bobsleigh. Athletes from a record 18 nations earned gold medals.

Who won 2002 Winter Olympics?

United States was third by gold medals and second by overall medals, with 10 and 34, respectively. Australia notably became the first Southern Hemisphere country to ever win gold medals at the Winter Olympics.

2002 Winter Olympics.

Emblem of the 2002 Winter Olympics
Host city Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Stadium Rice–Eccles Stadium

Who won the gold medal in the men’s Alpine downhill ski event in the 2002 Winter Olympics and what country was he from?

Pre-race favorite Stephan Eberharter of Austria took the bronze medal, bested by compatriot Fritz Strobl and all-arounder Lasse Kjus of Norway. Strobl’s average speed was 64.538 mph (103.864 km/h), at an average vertical descent of 29.224 ft/s (8.907 m/s).

Alpine skiing at the 2002 Winter Olympics – Men’s downhill.

Men’s Downhill
Base elevation 1,948 m (6,391 ft)

Who won the Winter Olympics 1988?

As in the 1984 Winter Olympics, 17 NOCs won at least one medal and 11 of them secured at least one gold medal.

1988 Winter Olympics medal table.

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1988 Winter Olympics medals
Location Calgary, Canada
Most gold medals Soviet Union (11)
Most total medals Soviet Union (29)

Which country has won the most Winter Olympic medals to date?

Sort it by country and you can see that Great Britain have won 21 medals since 1924 (which equates to 76 medallists).

Top winter Olympic medallists prior to 2010.

Country Norway
Gold 134
Silver 182
Bronze 112
Total 428