How much did the London Olympics logo cost?

Why BP Paid $211 Million for a Logo.

BBC Logo Redesign — $1,800,000.

How much is the Apple logo worth?

An original Apple neon rainbow logo just became the most expensive LED sign ever sold, going for a whopping $81,300 (we won’t even try to work out how many iPads you could bag for that). It might be one of the best logos of all time, but is a shiny neon version worth almost $100k?

The Value of Design: Steve Jobs and the $100,000 Logo | Awakward Media.

With no intention to give up on its planned logo, Adidas struck a deal to buy the trademark from Finnish sports brand Karhu. After some good old-fashioned negotiation, they settled on a final price: Karhu sold the three-stripe design to Adidas for 1,600 euros — roughly $1,800 — and two bottles of whiskey.

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