In which sport did Dipa Karmakar represent India at the 2016 Olympics?

Medals by individual

Who represented India in 2016 Olympics?

The Indian roster featured three Olympic medalists from London, including badminton star Saina Nehwal, freestyle wrestler and four-time Olympian Yogeshwar Dutt, and rifle shooter Gagan Narang.

India at the 2016 Summer Olympics
IOC code IND
NOC Indian Olympic Association
in Rio de Janeiro

Where is Dipa Karmakar from?

Did Dipa Karmakar participate in Tokyo Olympics?

However, Dipa Karmakar, could not take part in Tokyo 2020 Games. The 27-year-old failed to qualify for the 2020 Olympics because of constant injuries and the coronavirus pandemic, which made her miss major competitions.

How many sports were added from this 2016 Rio Olympics?

The Games featured a new-record 205 participating national Olympic committees, with over 11,000 athletes competing in 42 sports. Notable new sports that were added for the Rio Games were golf and rugby sevens.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

country New Zealand
gold 4
silver 9
bronze 5
total 18

What was the rank of India in Rio Olympics 2016?

In Rio in 2016, the medal tally crashed to just two and so did the ranking to 67th.

Which caste is Karmakar?

Karmakar (Bengali: কর্মকার) is a Bengali Hindu caste spread throughout West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Karmakars are traditionally blacksmiths by trade. They are recognized as Other Backward Class by the Government of India and Government of West Bengal.

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Who was Dipa Karmakar father?