Question: What is the message of Special Olympics?

What can you learn from Special Olympics?

Life lessons learned at the Special Olympics

  • 1.) Don’t give up when it gets hard. Life isn’t about winning or losing. …
  • 2.) Be grateful for your gifts. …
  • 3) Love others willingly and without reservation. We witnessed genuine love and appreciation from this group.

How do you explain the Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is a global movement of people creating a new world of inclusion and community, where every single person is accepted and welcomed, regardless of ability or disability. We are helping to make the world a better, healthier and more joyful place—one athlete, one volunteer, one family member at a time.

Why is the Special Olympics important?

Special Olympics is a global organization that changes lives by promoting understanding, acceptance and inclusion among people with and without intellectual disabilities. We unleash the power of the human spirit through the transformative power and joy of sports, every day around the world.

Who benefits from the Special Olympics?

Special Olympics is empowering athletes with intellectual disabilities to be leaders in society by providing them opportunities to learn skills that transcend the playing field. Our athletes hold jobs, go to school and are active members in their communities.

What values do the Olympic Games promote?

Excellence, Respect and Friendship are the three core values of Olympism and are a central focus at the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games.

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