Quick Answer: What is a 1976 Olympic 10 dollar coin worth?

What is a 1976 Montreal Olympic coin worth?

Montreal Olympic Coins, 1973-1976

Description Mintage BU
Series V 1975 – $10 Sailing Incl. Above 70.00
Series V 1975 – Complete Set of All 4 Coins From Series V Incl. Above 205.00
Series VI 1976 – $5 Fencing 3,775,259 35.00
Series VI 1976 – $5 Boxing Incl. Above 35.00

Are Olympic coins worth anything?

Prices are much higher for the gold coins released by the US Mint to commemorate the Summer and Winter Olympic games. The $5 commemorative coins generally go for around $500. The $10 commemorative coins sell for around $1,000. Click here to search for US Olympic coins on Amazon.

How much is an Olympic silver coin worth?

The silver melt value for this coin is $18.47 as of October 30, 2021. This melt value is calculated from the current silver spot price of $23.88 per ounce. The 1984 P Olympic silver dollar is worth around $22 in mint packaging. Lastly the 1984 S proof Olympic silver dollar is worth around $24 mint packaging.

How many Vancouver 2010 quarters are there?

Bearing unique designs related to the 2010 Winter Games, this first-of-its-kind circulation program includes a total of 17 coins – ten quarters honouring snow and ice sports from the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, two quarters honouring ice sports from the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, two lucky loonies …

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How much are Olympic gold coins worth?

These $5 gold Olympic coins sell for $600 to $800 in uncirculated condition and $350 to $500 in proof condition. The 10 events honored during 1995 and 1996 are: Basketball (half dollar) $14 to $17 in uncirculated or $18 to $20 in proof. Baseball (half dollar) $14 to $17 in uncirculated or $18 to $20 in proof.

Are Olympic coins silver?

Each coin is 92.5% silver for a net silver weight of 44.955 grams (1.4453 troy ounces) and 22.478 grams (0.7227 troy ounces) of silver respectively. A key highlight of these coins were the standardized designs and the unique finishes.

What are Olympic coins made of?

The gold and silver medals are both made of silver. The gold medals are then coated with gold. Each Olympic gold medal is made up of 210g of silver and is coated with 6g of 24 carat gold. The bronze medals are made of copper, zinc, tin, and a very small amount of silver.

Are Canadian Olympic coins legal tender?

In high value non-circulating coins, such as $5 and up, the limit is one coin, except for Montreal Olympics commemoratives, where legal tender are units of two coins as they are governed by a different act. … Since 1,000 five-cent pieces are not an offering of legal tender.