Quick Answer: Who hosted the 2013 Olympics?

Who hosted the 2015 Olympics?

It took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 12 to 28 June 2015, and featured almost 6,000 athletes from 50 countries competing in 30 sports, including 15 summer Olympic and 2 non-Olympic sports.

2015 European Games.

Host city Baku, Azerbaijan
Nations participating 50
Athletes participating 5,898
Events 253 in 30 sports
Opening ceremony 12 June

How many times has the USA hosted the Winter Olympics?

The United States has hosted the Games four times; France has been the host three times; Austria, Canada, Italy, Japan, Norway and Switzerland have hosted the Games twice. In 2014 Sochi will be the first Russian city to host the Winter Olympics.

Why did the Summer and Winter Olympics split?

From 1928 the Winter Games were held every four years in the same calendar year as the Summer Games. In 1986 IOC officials, in response to concerns over the increasing cost and logistic complications of the Olympics, voted to alter the schedule.

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