What are ancient Olympics explain in detail Class 11?

What are ancient and modern Olympics explain in detail Class 11th?

Answer: Ancient Olympic Games–In the ancient time the games were held in honor of god zeus. the word olympic is derived from olympia a valley, where first such games were organized. modern Olympic games – for revival of modern olympic ames credits goes to the baron pierre de coubertin of france.

What is ancient Olympic pankration?

A combination of boxing and wrestling with barely any restrictions, pankration was the wild, no-holds barred centre of the Ancient Olympic Games. Boasting huge men of incredible strength, it became a fountain of wondrous stories and stirring myths. Pankration was a magnificently simple sport.

What is the Olympic motto explain?

The original Olympic motto is made up of three Latin words : Citius – Altius – Fortius. These words mean Faster – Higher – Stronger. … It expresses the aspirations of the Olympic Movement not only in its athletic and technical sense but also from a moral and educational perspective.

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